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"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

                                Psalms 90:12 (Bible, KJV)

Business Consultation

Do you feel that you are fighting your business?

Incompatible cycles between you and your business will destroy your decision making capability. The constant battle will leave you drained

Are you presenting a consistent image to your customers that builds trust?

The effect is subtle. If the business numbers are all practical business energy, and you try to present your business as a caring enterprise, the claim will be met with skepticism. On the other hand, numbers that are caring and compassionate do not lend temselves to advertising low prices. People pick up on the discord without bing aware of why, They will just shy away.

Do you waste money and time by hiring the wrong people?

The right person in the right position is a smooth functioning employee. If the prospect has all the desirable traits and skills for the job, but is not a good match to your business numbers or if the prospect is a good number match to the business, but does not match the nature of the work, unnecessary conflict will arise.

Do you spend sleepless nights pondering whether you are promoting the right person?

Then numerology in Your Business is for you!

Unless you are knowledgable about

numerology, the idea of using this tool

in business may seem to be far-fetched.

Business Services Offered

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and job seekers

  • Be sure you are in the right job with the right company or are seeking employment in the right places.
  • Know your best days to interview or to make changes
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Business Evaluation

Get a full evaluation

of your business

  • Determine where the major challenges lie and what to do about them
  • Determine staff conflicts and how to overcome them
  • Create image consistency to build immediate trust

Get a free consultation to determine whether numerology is right for your business and the fees for the desired services.

Because each business is individual standard fees for the wide range of sizes and complexity are not suitable.

Call (317) 638-9752

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Established Businesses

Tweaking an Established Business

  • Tweaking an established business can be difficult. Severe incompatibilities could require a re-incorporation for the best results..
  • Find the perfect fit for your new hires. Avoid trial and error
  • Develop the most effective advertising program
  • Be certain of your major decisions
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Considerations in the Planning Stage

  • Choose a founding date that puts your business into your most compatible cycle
  • Select the best name for the business
  • Address and telephone number effects
  • Determine a successful color scheme and office decor
  • Create an effective Mission Statement and Vision Statement

New Business


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In-House Training

Classes at Your Location

  • The 2 hour class helps you and  your employees know when to call on your numerologist
  • The four hour class is an ideal base for gaining the most profit from numerology
  • The two day class (12 hours of instruction) is for those businesses that want to do the numbers in-house. It is ideal for large HR Departments.
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Monthly Retainers

  • Business Retainer Agreements are perfect for larger enterprises.
  • Avoid billing hassles with one monthly fee
  • Just pick up the phone for quick consultations
  • Get the insights you need for the best decision without hesitation about the cost.

Numerology Gives You the Life

 Manual You Always Wanted