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"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

                                Psalms 90:12 (Bible, KJV)

Who We Are

Vision Statement

Life Path Numerology Center, Inc. is a pioneer (19/1 life path number) in expanding the use of numerology as a business power tool. Its vision is to be a primary source of training professionals and filling the needs of the business community. It is the premier organization for setting the standards for the practice of numerology and the certification of numerologists to service the growing market. It is on the cutting edge of bringing numerology to the mainstream community. In addition, the personal growth division raises personal consultation to a higher level through requiring an above average expertise in delineating and presenting the information developed through the numbers of a chart. The work of the Center will reach and positively influence large numbers of people to improve the quality of their lives. The research of the Center (16/7 soul urge) explores areas of disagreement among numerologists and provides the depth of study to provide accurate and clear answers.

Mission Statement

The mission of Life Path Numerology Center, Inc. is to encourage the use of numerology for personal growth and business development through teaching, research, readings and product creation; to expand the market through effective outreach and to provide skilled numerologists through professional training and certification.


Life Path Numerology Center was begun in 1994, as a private practice by Dr. Daniel R. Hardt. The office was moved to downtown Indianapolis in October, 1996. That location was chosen to be close to the business community and to emphasize the business use of numerology. The Center was incorporated on October 22, 1996, a date chosen through numerology. After just three months, the building housing the center was closed without notice and the office was moved to its present location.

The Center includes an education division, a personal growth division and a business services division.

Life Path Staff

Daniel R. Hardt, JD

This 80 year old DePauw University graduate struggled through several changes of major in college. Because he did not know himself well, he was too influenced by the course others thought that he should pursue. After earning a J.D. degree from Indiana University, he practiced law for fifteen years, but lacked the necessary passion. Only after twenty additional years of job changes and uncertainty did he find his place in numerology. With the intensity of a true convert, he applied himself to the mastery of his chosen field. He has found fulfillment in teaching, writing and counseling. Through his own experience he is now ready, willing and able to help you to take charge of your own life through a deeper understanding of your true self.

Timothy A. Phipps

After years with valleys of frustration and canyons of depression, Tim found numerology. A clearer understanding of himself and his surrounding circumstances allowed him to find his true potential. His interactions with others has been greatly improved. He has found the stability that was lacking in his earlier years. He uses his artistic talents and creative ideas to illustrate the energies of the numbers in his cartoons. He provides wise and intuitive counsel to the corporation and keeps us all on track


Donna Winsted (Deceased)

A deeper understanding of others gained through the study of numerology provides the tools for Donna to help you to get along better with others ... and with yourself. With this knowledge, all your relationships (family, friends, coworkers and neighbors) become more positive. An analytical foundation, which she acquired along with her degree in Geology, gives her a solid foundation for the practice of numerology. She was wooed away from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to work full time with the Center. She knows that if numerology had been a part of her life while rearing her two daughters, their family life would have been enriched. She is  making up for this deficiency by using numerology to understand and guide her young grandson as he grows and blossoms.

Associated Numerologists

Cynthia Coplen

Cindy uses her teaching skills to bring enlightenment to others. She is a retired elementary school teacher with caring concern for her students. She is an excellent numerologist and an excellent teacher of numerology.

Judith Harris

Judy is enjoying the second half of her life by working as a consultant to her spouse's gynecological/homeopathic medical practice, which she had managed for 25 years. Working in this capacity has given her the time to pursue a lifelong interest in personal and spiritual growth. She does this through a graduate degree program in Transpersonal Studies at Atlantic University, Virginia Beach, VA, membership in A.R.E. and the Fort Wayne Friends of Jung, and hypnosis research. She conducts mind/body education classes in meditation and menopause and provides personal coaching for growth and change. 

Marie Frantz

Elizabeth Moreland

Karen Jiminez



Marie Has been an avid follower of numerology since her first class. She is an exemplary student of the field. She does readings and teaches classes

The Associated Numerologists have all taken their training at

Life Path Numerology Center.

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